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UPDATED 5/1/22-ALMOST finished with all my updates, still working on pics for the cow and bull pages! 

This Page is dedicated to our livestock for Sale here at Oliver Miniature Acres. We also have listings for our semen for sale. 

There are 3 other Sale pages for listings by other breeders. To view those please see Other Breeders - Mini Herefords, Lowlines and Crossbred/Other Breeds 

What You Get For Your Money:

For All Calves: 

  • A fully weaned calf around 6 months old.
  • Fully vaccinated and boostered with Vira Shield 6+VL5 and Ultrabac 8.
  • Dewormed with Longrange. 
  • Dehorned if they are not polled. 
  • All calves will be tagged.           
  • Heifers will be vaccinated for Brucellosis. 
  • Can be steered for free if you desire. 

For Registered calves:
  • Registered and transferred to your name.
  • Tattooed according to their papers. 
  • All registered mini herefords will have DNA done prior to pickup. 
  • All Fullblood Lowlines will have their DNA done prior to pickup. 

Additional for fee options:
    • Health certificates can be obtained prior for the cost of the vet visit. 
    • Delivery can be arranged in most cases for $1.75 per loaded mile. 
    • Halter training for $200

    A 25% non-refundable deposit will hold a calf for you till pickup. 

    Payments accepted:
    • CASH (Cash ONLY at Pickup)
    • Personal Checks (for deposits on calves and semen)
    • PayPal
    • Credit cards, Debit cards & Bank drafts through our invoice app

    Please feel free to contact us for additional info, pics, or a visit. You can call or text 903-521-9638 or email oliverminiatureacres@gmail.com or lilorphelia@live.com

    Maverick - Panda Bull Calf - $1750
    Maverick - Panda Bull Calf - $1750


    Maverick is out of Macy Grace a Mini to Mid Sized Mini Belted Galloway and a Mini Hereford Bull. He was born 4-25-22. This little guy is marked just perfect! He has a complete belt. We will DNA test him for chondro and PHA. He can be steered for no additional fee. 

    $1750 or $425 Deposit and $1325 Due at Pickup 

    OMA Waylon - $1600 - SOLD Pending Pickup
    OMA Waylon - $1600 - SOLD Pending Pickup

    SOLD Pending Pickup 

    OMA Waylon was born 4/15/22. He’s out of JCS Liza Jane 1806 and WC Rhinestone Cowboy. He’s a registered Mini Hereford bull calf that will be fully DNA tested. He was 22.5 or 23 inches tall and 54.6 pounds at birth. $100 discount if he comes back horned. 

    $1600 or $400 Deposit and $1200 Due at Pickup 

    Our Next Mini Cows Due to Calve

    Our next calves are due from the following heifers / cows.

    Complete list of all calves born here on Calves Page.

    Additional sire info is listed on our Herd Sire page unless otherwise listed on here. 

    JCS Liza Jane 1806 (44034977) is bred to Rhinestone Cowboy and due 4-15-22. Calved a bull calf, OMA Waylon, on 4-15-22 and was 22.5 or 23 inches tall and 54.6 at birth. 

    Macy Grace is bred to a Mini Hereford bull and due around April 2022, calved unassisted a panda bull calf, Maverick on 4-25-22. No height and weight data was obtained on him. 

    AWL Mistletoe 16C (30228) is bred to Diesel and due around 7-31-22.

    SLC Annie Oakley 703 (43923751) is bred to Rhinestone Cowboy and probably due closer to 7-31-22 but could be as late as 8-31-22.

    4KF Pepper (P43639762) is bred to Rhinestone Cowboy and due around 8-3-22, maybe 8-24-22. 

    AWR Miss Shilo 7E (MF38350) is bred to Diesel is due August 2022.

    MAU Classic Letty (P44016596) is bred to Rhinestone Cowboy and due 10-2-22.

    VSR Eve Elena (43802173) is bred to Rhinestone Cowboy and due 10-14-22. 

    Miss Bailee 14Z (21948) is probably bred to Diesel and due 10-17-22, but possibly bred to Mach Showdown for a later calf.

    OMA Lace (42784) is bred to Mach Showdown and due around 12-9-22. 

    Moonshine is bred to Rhinestone Cowboy and due 12-13-22. 

    Cashmere will be bred to Mach Showdown.

    AWR Big Betty (45752) will be bred to Mach Showdown.

    JCS Tessa (43497238) will be bred to Rhinestone Cowboy.

    Petite Voodoo Queen (P44108172) will be bred to Rhinestone Cowboy.

    Looking to add some great genetics to your herd, check out our semen for sale!

    However, we might be willing to sell or trade for any of the others. Just contact us, or email me at oliverminiatureacres@gmail.com

    Bull Guarantee 

    If you are interested in buying one of our bulls, for approximately $200 above the sale price we will have a bull soundness exam done and a trich test done. This can be done by your vet or ours. It can be the fertility test and/or the Trich test. Money will be refunded if bull does not test good. To ensure that you are getting a quality bull. This is done for bulls 15 months and older.