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FOR SALE from 6Kuehlers Miniature Cattle Ranch

Here’s an ad for a lady I really like that has put together a really nice herd. They are located just east of Amarillo,TX. These calves have or will be been weaned, vaccinated, dewormed, dehorned if not polled and taken great care of. She has more adds on both the Mini Herefords and Lowline pages! www.6kminis.com
  • Bluebonnet: Unregistered 3/4 Mini Hereford 1/4 Belted Galloway Heifer, polled, born 5-12-19, 52 lbs and 26 inches tall at birth. $1500
  • Bullseye: Mini Hereford Lowline Cross Steer, born 7-20-19, 78 lbs at birth and 26 inches tall.  $1000
  • Zeus: Mini Hereford Lowline Cross Steer BOTTLE CALF, born 9-15-19. $1200 or buy both bottle babies for $2000
  • JJ: Mini Hereford Lowline Cross Steer BOTTLE CALF born 9-30-19. $1200 or buy both bottle babies for $2000
  • Jazz : Panda Bull/Steer born 9/9/19, 60 lbs and 25 inches tall. $1750
  • Zinnia: Unregistered 3/4 Mini Hereford 1/4 Lowline Heifer, polled, born 10-7-19, 48 lbs and 24 inches tall at birth. $1600
  • Dollie : Unregistered Mini Hereford Lowline cross heifer, Polled, born 9/14/19, 48 lbs and 23 inches tall at birth. $1600
  • Noelle: Unregistered 3/4 British White 1/4 mini Hereford, born 12/30/18. $1500

For more info or pictures please contact Laura at 806-679-4639 or visit www.6kminis.com

FOR SALE from Busy B Acres

These cattle are located in a little town called Cayuga, in east Texas near Athens or Palestine. They have been fully vaccinated and dewormed. 

  1. Aggie is Polled and was born 8-25-18. She’s 3/4 Lowline and 1/4 Mini Hereford and was 58 lbs and 24 inches tall at birth. $1300 SOLD
  2. Red was born 6-9-19 and appears polled so far. He’s 3/4 mini Hereford and 1/4 Lowline and was 53 lbs and 24 inches tall at birth. $1000
  3. Bandit was born 6-20-19 and is probably polled. He’s 1/2 mini Hereford and 1/2 Lowline and was 50 lbs and 24 inches tall at birth. $1000
  4. Bonnie was born 6-29-19 and should be polled. She’s 3/4 Lowline and 1/4 Miniature Hereford and was 50 lbs and 25 inches tall at birth. 
  5. June Bug was born 6-18-19 and should be polled. Another TINY LITTLE GIRL. She’s 3/4 Lowline and 1/4 mini Hereford and was only 38 lbs and 20 inches tall at birth. $1500
  6. Zennia was born 7-3-19 and is probably polled. She is 5/8 mini Hereford and 3/8 Lowline and was 53 lbs and 25 inches tall at birth. $1300 SOLD

Please contact Jennifer at 903-922-1114 for additional pics and info. 

FOR SALE from Davis Farms

All calves either have or will be fully weaned, vaccinated and dewormed prior to pickup. 

Call or Text for more information to 903-387-2364 or 903-331-7766

  • Nala’s Bull Calf - DOB 3/27/2019 - This little guy is our newest bull calf out of Zoro a very short Miniature Hereford with a frame score around 00- 000 and a Miniature Hereford/Aberdeen cow. He is stout built with good structure. He is naturally polled. $1,100.00 
  • Mulan’s Heifer calf - DOB-10/13/2018 - This little heifer is out of an Aberdeen Bull and a miniature Hereford/Aberdeen cow. She is naturally polled and has a good temperament. $1,200.00 SOLD 
  • Tink’s Bull Calf - DOB 11/17/2018 - This guy is sired by H and R Ranch Shorty that is a frame score 000 and an Aberdeen cow. He is stout built and has a very calm nature. He is naturally polled. $1,100.00 SOLD

Heartbeat Hill’s Heifer $1000
Heartbeat Hill’s Heifer $1000

FOR SALE from Heartbeat Hills Farm

This little lady is out of a Miniature Hereford bull and a larger Zebu. She was born 10-17-18. Has been fully vaccinated including bangs, boostered, dewormed and dehorned. For additional info or pics please call/text Johni Marshall at 903-571-2703. 


Peter Panda
Peter Panda

Mini Panda Semen For Sale from Black Dog Mini Cattle

Peter Panda. Fourth generation, registered Panda® bull, now has Flush quality semen available to purchase. At 3 years old “Petey” measures 43” tall at the hook, 45” at the top of the hip, and weighs 1125 lbs. So he would be on the border between a frame score 00 and 0. Genetic parentage profile through through Igenity; Chondro free, PHA free, hetero polled and carries red. His first calves are on the the ground now. Shipping can be arranged from Champion Genetics.

Please contact Trina at Black Dog Mini Cattle for more info or to purchase.