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Other Breeders - Lowline (Aberdeen) Angus For Sale

FOR SALE from 6Kuehlers Miniature Cattle Ranch

Here’s an ad for a lady I really like that has put together a really nice herd. They are located just east of Amarillo,TX. These calves have been weaned, vaccinated, dewormed, dehorned if not polled and taken great care of. She has more adds on both the Mini Herefords and Crossbred pages. www.6kminis.com
  • Velvet: Registered Purebred Lowline (Aberdeen) Angus Heifer, born 4-28-19, 42 lbs and 25 inches tall at birth. $1600
  • Houdini: Registered 3/4 Blood Lowline (Aberdeen) Angus Steer Calf, born 7-20-19, 45 lbs and 24 inches tall at birth. $1000 OBO
  • Sergio:Registered Purebred Lowline (Aberdeen) Angus Steer Calf, born 8-20-19 $1000 OBO

For more info or pictures please contact Laura at 806-679-4639 or visit www.6kminis.com

Miss Lizzy - Registered 3/4 Lowline (Aberdeen) $1300
Miss Lizzy - Registered 3/4 Lowline (Aberdeen) $1300

FOR SALE from Angel Wings Ranch

This beautiful Registered 3/4 blood Lowline (Aberdeen) Angus heifer could be yours. Miss Lizzy is was born 9-6-19 and can come live with you after weaning and vaccinations. She’ll be one of those that will be an easy to calve. Breed her to your Fullblood and get Purebred calves. Want to know what a 3/4 blood looks like grown up check out our Shilo or our Brooke, yes we own 2 from Angel Wings Ranch and love both of them! She’s located in Lockhart TX. Contact me or call/text me at 903-521-9638 for more info. 

$1300 or $325 Deposit and $975 due at Pickup 

Top - Stewart $1200 / Bottom - Belle $1500 SOLD - DG Farms
Top - Stewart $1200 / Bottom - Belle $1500 SOLD - DG Farms

FOR SALE from DG Farms

  1. Registered Lowline (Aberdeen) Angus Purebred Bull Calf, Stewart that was born 7-29-19. He was 26 inches tall and 46 pounds at birth. This handsome fellow is out of our old herd sire “Oliver” HOT STUFF'S LIGHTING(PM25612) and CJ YELLOW 8Y(PF35932).  $1200

2. Unregistered Mini Hereford Lowline Angus cross Heifer Calf, Belle that was born 5-18-19. She was 48 lbs 26 inches tall at birth. This sweetie is unrelated to the Stewart the Registered Bull Calf.  $1500 SOLD

They are located in Lubbock TX. Please Contact Dwayne Gerber at 806-777-0396 for additional pics and info. 

Olivia $1250
Olivia $1250

FOR SALE from Crazy C Ranch

Olivia is a Polled unregistered Lowline cross heifer calf born 8/2/19. She was only 22” tall and 52 lbs at birth. She is out of Oreo, a black baldy cow that’s a frame score 1 and Calvin a Lowline bull that’s a frame score 000. She will be fully weaned, vaccinated (including bangs), and dewormed prior to pickup. Located in GrandView, TX. For additional info and pics please contact me, Amanda at 903-521-9638 and I’ll put you in contact with the breeder. $1250.00
Ginger Rose on top $2000 - Camille on bottom $1500
Ginger Rose on top $2000 - Camille on bottom $1500

FOR SALE from K&J's Whiskey River Hooves Farm

Offering 2 Registered Aberdeen (Lowline) Angus heifers to be weaned around end of October. Both will be registered prior to sale with the American Aberdeen Association. A 25% non-refundable deposit will hold calves till weaning.

Please contact Joann at 281-814-0967 for additional pics or info. 


FOR SALE from Amber Acres

Unregistered Bull calf named Bovril. 8 months old. Product of successful AI. Sired by champion low-line angus. Naturally polled, of course. Will eat cubes out of your hands. $1000

Tame & Healthy. Please contact me (Amanda) and I’ll put you in contact with the owners, 903-521-9638 or use my Contact us page.