Mini Hereford & Lowline (Aberdeen) Angus Semen For Sale

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“Zoro” Rafter F Decker’s Zoro - Grand Champion Bull 2017 San Antonio

"ZoroRafter F Decker’s Zoro 43713673 is our heterogeneous Polled Registered Miniature Hereford Bull. He was the 2017 Grand Champion Bull in San Antonio. He was just a hair over 40 inches at 2 yrs old. Zoro is pigmented around both eyes, is a well bred and very easy going gentle bull. He is MSUD Free!

Semen stored at Champion Genetics in Canton TX

$25 Per Straw for Unregistered use

$25 Per Straw for Registered use, $75 Per Certificate 


 Shoman or 3B Shoman 33256, is our Fullblood Lowline (Aberdeen) Angus bull. This handsome fellow is heifer safe! He’s short, stout and very well balanced. He’s got the most attractive head I’ve ever seen on a bull. Laid back and easy to work with. You can’t go wrong with him. 

Semen stored at Champion Genetics in Canton TX

$35 per straw for Registered or Unregistered use

$25 Certificate for Percentage or Purebred Calves

$50 Certificate for Fullblood Calves

“Oliver” Hot Stuff’s Lighting our Purebred Registered Lowline Angus Bull

 "Oliver" or Hot Stuff’s Lighting 25612 is our Purebred Registered Lowline Angus (now called Aberdeen Angus). He is short powerful well built bull with a great temperament. Extremely fertile with 100% live cover conception rates on first heat cycles. He has produced some very nice calves so far. None of which have had any calving issues. So far more heifer calves than bull calves. 

Semen stored at Champion Genetics in Canton TX

$25 Per Straw for Unregistered use

$25 Per Straw for Registered use, $25 Per Certificate for Percentage Calves or Purebred Calves

Created by Amanda Homann