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UPDATED 3-26-20

This Page is dedicated to our livestock for Sale here at Oliver Miniature Acres. We also have listings for our semen for sale. 

There are 3 other Sale pages for listings by other breeders. To view those please see Other Breeders - Mini Herefords, Lowlines and Crossbred/Other Breeds 

What You Get For Your Money:

For All Calves: 

  • A fully weaned calf around 6 months old.
  • Fully vaccinated and boostered with Vira Shield 6+VL5 and Ultrabac 8.
  • Dewormed with Longrange. 
  • Dehorned if they are not polled. 
  • All calves will be tagged with small metal tags. 
  • Heifers will be vaccinated for Brucellosis. 
  • Can be steered for free if you desire. 
For Registered calves:
  • Registered and transferred to your name.
  • Tattooed according to their papers. 
  • All registered mini herefords will have DNA done prior to pickup. 
  • All Fullblood Lowlines will have their DNA done prior to pickup. 
Additional for fee options:
    • Health certificates can be obtained prior for the cost of the vet visit. 
    • Delivery can be arranged in most cases for $1.25 per loaded mile. 
    • Halter training for $200
    A 25% non-refundable deposit will hold a calf for you till pickup. 
    Please feel free to contact us for additional info, pics, or a visit. You can call or text 903-521-9638 or email or

    El Jefe
    El Jefe


    OMA El Jefe ET is a Registered Miniature Hereford embryo calf out of DF Majestic King P42911711 (Grand Champion) and SHF Thunders Dolly (Grand Champion) 43425252. He was born 3-18-20 and was 25 inches tall and 57.6 pounds at birth. We are sending his DNA in to determine polled/horn status. 
    Price to be determined pending DNA
    OMA Zinnia
    OMA Zinnia

    Will be FOR SALE

    OMA Zinnia 44115427 is a Registered Mini Hereford Heifer out of Rosie and Zoro (Grand Champion) that was born 3-2-20. She was 23 inches tall and 51.6 pounds at birth. DNA results are back, she is MSUD FREE and she will be dehorned prior to weaning. 
    $2250 or $550 deposit and $1700 due at pickup. 
    Garnet - Polled Registered Mini Hereford
    Garnet - Polled Registered Mini Hereford


    JAN NOBLES CHEROKEE GARNETT is a Polled Registered Mini Hereford, 44076444. Her date of birth is 3-13-2018. She was not born here or raised here, however she is currently being exposed to our bull WC Rhinestone Cowboy. This gal is laid back. DNA results are back and she is MSUD FREE. She will be confirmed bred prior to pickup. 
    Pearl - Registered Polled Mini Hereford Heifer - $3000
    Pearl - Registered Polled Mini Hereford Heifer - $3000

    SOLD Pending Pickup 

    OMA Pearl Hart, 44102596, is a Registered Polled Mini Hereford Heifer. She was born 11-24-2019 and was 23 inches tall and 47 pounds at birth. She’s out of our SLC Annie Oakley our most feminine cow and “Shorty” (P&D RANCH FILLMORE YC2). Lots of Chrome on this little gal. We will run her DNA, vaccinate, booster and deworm prior to pickup. She is MSUD free by pedigree. 

    $3000 or $750 Deposit and $2250 at Pickup 

    Hope at 5 days old - Registered Fullblood Lowline/Aberdeen Heifer
    Hope at 5 days old - Registered Fullblood Lowline/Aberdeen Heifer

    SOLD Pending Pickup 

    Hope is a Registered Fullblood Lowline (Aberdeen) Angus heifer calf that was born on 8-18-19. She was only 21.5 inches tall and 36 pounds at birth. I absolutely love her dam, so no worries if she doesn’t sell, I’ll keep her. Her dam Best is really short and super wide, she’s a beast! She looks like she’s going to stay really short!

    $2000 or $500 Deposit and $1575 at Pickup 

    Eve Elena and Zoro’s Bull Calf
    Eve Elena and Zoro’s Bull Calf

    SOLD Pending Pickup 

    Eve Elena’s Bull Calf will be a Registered Miniature Hereford. He is out of our Registered Polled Mini Hereford Bull Zoro. He was born 8-28-19 and was 22.5 inches tall and 45 lbs. We will register him, put his DNA on file, AI permit him and transfer him to you for you. Guaranteed to be MSUD free, since both his Sire and Dam have both been tested free. 

    $2000 or $500 Deposit and $1500 Due at Pickup 

    Payments Accepted

     Update: We will now be accepting credit or debit cards, as well as good old fashioned cash, and personal checks (for deposits on calves).

    Our Next Mini Cows Due to Calve

    Our next calves are due from the following heifers / cows.

    Complete list of all calves born here on Calves Page.

    Additional sire info is listed on our Herd Sire page unless otherwise listed on here. 

    LLBT222 Best Yet (FF6212) is bred to Shoman and due 8-31-19. Calved a Fullblood heifer, Hope, on 8-18-19 that was 21.5 inches tall and 36 pounds, unassisted. 

    VSR Eve Elena (43802173) is bred to Zoro and due 8-31-19. Calved a Registered Bull calf on 8-28-19, with light assistance (probably not needed, but you know us humans). Was 22.5 inches tall and 44.8 pounds. 

    OMA Black Velvet (MF37017) is bred Shoman and due loosely around 10-19-19. Well I was off on that date. She calved unassisted on 10-1-2019, a bull calf, that was 23 inches tall and 43.4 pounds. 

    SLC Annie Oakley 703 (43923751) has been AI’d to "Shorty" P&D RANCH FILLMORE YC2 (43230236) and due 11-22-19. She calved a heifer calf on 11-24-19 that was 23 inches tall and 47 pounds. 

    BMH Lil Red Rosie (43202268) is bred to Zoro due between 1-4-20 and 2-26-20. Calved unassisted in 3-2-20 a heifer calf that was 23 inches tall and 51.6 pounds at birth. 

    Heffe had a Registered Mini Hereford embryo put in and is due 3-15-20 with it or slight chance she’s bred to Zoro and due 4-5-20. Calved unassisted on 3-18-20 a bull calf that was 25 inches tall and 57.6 pounds at birth. He was an embryo calf out of DF Majestic King and SHF Thunders Dolly. 

    AWR Miss Shilo 7E (MF38350) is bred to Shoman and due 10-16-19. Update, so I guess I’m way off and she must have lost the first one and must be bred to Zoro. 

    4KF Pepper (P43639762) is bred to T-N-T Abigails Big Bad John (P43897068) and due around 5-3-20. 

    QM Viola (43882388) is bred to Zoro and due 5-11-20. 

    Larooqua Is bred to Zoro and should be due 7-22-20. 

    Brooke is bred to Shoman and due between 8-11-20 and 9-13-20. 

    Best is bred to Shoman and due 8-27-20.

    Eve Elena is bred to Zoro and due 9-8-20. 

    Annie will either be bred to Zoro or Rhinestone Cowboy. 

    Looking to add some great genetics to your herd, check out our semen for sale!

    However, we might be willing to sell or trade for any of the others. Just contact us, or email me at

    Bull Guarantee 

    If you are interested in buying one of our bulls, for approximately $200 above the sale price we will have a bull soundness exam done and a trich test done. This can be done by your vet or ours. It can be the fertility test and/or the Trich test. Money will be refunded if bull does not test good. To ensure that you are getting a quality bull. This is done for bulls 15 months and older.