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Oliver Miniature Acres

Oliver Miniature Acres


Why Miniature Cows

Why Mini Cows

You may be asking why own mini cows? I'll tell you why we have them....

  • Home Raised Beef - With the rising cost of beef in the grocery stores many landowners have looked to raising their own beef. On just a few acres, you can raise cattle that are half the size of standard animals and still have enough beef for your family. The beef breeds are lowline angus, miniature herefords, galloways and dexters.
  • Efficiency - Because fertilizer, crops and hay prices have increased, it's more expensive to feed livestock. However, with cattle that eat 1/3 to 1/2 the amount, it's easier on the pocketbook. 
  • Safety - Cattle are cattle, but its still safer dealing with 300 to 1000 pounds versus 1000 to 2000+ pounds of animal. 
  • Novelty - There are so many reasons to own miniature cows besides just plain cute. 
  • Tax Deductions - You can turn a small acreage into your own mini cattle ranch thus reducing property taxes. Farm and ranch expenses are sales tax exempt plus they become a deduction on your income tax.
  • Kids - And best of all, your Kids will love it. Great for FFA and 4H projects or just teaching them responsibility. Perfect for smaller kids just getting into showing heifers, kids showing for the first time, or even transitioning from goats to cattle.
Other reasons may include but not limited to.....
  • Miniature Milkers - Like fresh milk but have limited space. Try out a miniature jersey, holestein or a dexter. 
  • Kid Rodeos - Miniature bucking bulls are great for younger children to learn and practice with. 

Our cows with our rescued horse Loverboy
Our cows with our rescued horse Loverboy
Frank and Lilly
Frank and Lilly