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FOR SALE from S & M Ranch

    Mini Hereford heifers and bulls. Both Registered and Unregistered. 

      Please visit www.smminiherefords.com for additional information.

      1. Blossom - Unregistered mini Hereford heifer calf, DOB 5-13-19, 25 inches tall and 51 pounds at birth. $1600
      2. Sunday Girl - Unregistered mini Hereford heifer calf, DOB 5-5-19, 24 inches tall and 41 pounds at birth. $1600
      3. Pistol Patty - Unregistered mini Hereford heifer calf, DOB 6-12-19, 24.5 inches tall and 49.5 pounds at birth. $1600
      4. Splashing Mike - Registered mini Hereford bull calf, DOB 4-24-19, 26 inches tall and 50 pounds at birth. $1750
      5. Razor - Registered mini Hereford bull calf, DOB 5-19-19, 24.5 inches tall and 54 pounds at birth. $1750
      6. Texas Wild - Unregistered mini Hereford bull calf, DOB 5-11-19, 25 inches tall and 49 pounds at birth. $1200
      7. Jett - Unregistered mini Hereford yearling bull, DOB 5-28-18, (FS1) $1200
      8. Brawny - Unregistered Micro Mini Hereford yearling bull, DOB 5-29-18, (FS 0000), Only 34.5 inches tall at 14 months of age. $1750
      JCS Handsome Jack
      JCS Handsome Jack

      FOR SALE from JCS Miniature Herefords

      Your ladies will love this bull and so will you, he’s halter broke to lead, easy going and loves getting scratched. JCS Handsome Jack 43705443 is exactly that, a young handsome proven breeding age bull. He’s a 00 frame score that’s well balanced. He was born February 7, 2016. He had an unassisted birth and so far his offspring have been unassisted. He has a solid set of papers behind him, 44 Cattle Company, RR Guns & Poses, KAP, LS and SS Mr Maximillian (love this guy). Additional info, videos, pics of him, his sire, dam and offspring are available. Please contact Jim Schutt at http://www.jcsminihereford.com/contact/. Health papers, Trich Test and BSE can be obtained. 

      Update He had an excellent BSE (bull soundness exam), extremely fertile young bull!

      $2000 or Best Offer 


      From H and R Ranch

      "Shorty" a homozygous polled registered Miniature Hereford bull, P&D RANCH FILLMORE YC2, AHA #P43230236. He was 41.5inches at 4 yrs old or a frame score 000. Birth weights around 35-45 lbs on full minis and 45-55 lbs on classic sized crosses. Please contact Holly Schafer through her website H and R Ranch. Semen is stored in Canton, TX at Champion Genetics. $25 per straw and $50 per certificate if registering offspring. 

      Contact Holly Schafer 918-960-1752 call/text