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Our Calves Due Dates and Data

Calving Data - Due Dates - Birth Dates - Birth Weights & Heights

All of our past and current calves birth weights and heights out of all of our cows and bulls. As well as any cow that’s been confirmed bred with her due date. Please see our Herd Sires page for sire info unless otherwise listed on here. 

2020 Calve Due Dates

BMH Lil Red Rosie (43202268) is bred to Zoro due between 1-4-20 and 2-26-20. Calves unassisted on 3-2-20 a heifer calf that was 22 inches tall and 51.6 pounds at birth. 

Heffe had a Registered Mini Hereford embryo put in and is due 3-15-20 with it or slight chance she’s bred to Zoro and due 4-5-20. Calved unassisted on 3-18-20 a bull calf that was 25 inches tall and 57.6 pounds at birth. He was an embryo calf out of DF Majestic King and SHF Thunders Dolly. 

AWR Miss Shilo 7E (MF38350) is bred to Shoman and due 10-16-19. Update, so I guess I’m way off and she must have lost the first one and must be bred to Zoro. 

4KF Pepper (P43639762) is bred to T-N-T Abigails Big Bad John (P43897068) and due between 4-2-20 and 5-3-20. 

QM Viola (43882388) is bred to Zoro and due 5-11-20

Larooqua is bred to Zoro and should be due 7-22-20.

Brooke is bred to Shoman and due between 8-11-20 and 9-13-20. 

Best is bred to Shoman and due 8-27-20.

Eve Elena is bred to Zoro and due 9-8-20. 

Annie will either be bred to Zoro or Rhinestone Cowboy. 

2019 Calving Data & Due Dates

Lilly is bred to Zoro and due around 2-24-19, calved unassisted a heifer calf, Lily Dale, on 2-16-19 that was 23.5 inches tall and 56 pounds.      

Annabel is bred to Zoro and due 2-21-19. Calved 2-24-19 a bull calf, Bert, that was 25 inches tall and 65 pounds with assistance.  

Lotus is bred to Zoro and due 2-20-19. Calved 8 days late on 2-28-19, a Burt that was 27 inches tall and 77 pounds, unassisted. 

Larooqua is bred to Zoro and due 3-20-19. Calved a heifer calf, Rain, 3-6-19 that was 27.5 inches tall and 69 pounds, unassisted. 

Heffe we bought bred and appears to be due February or March 2019. Calved a bull calf, Boss, on 4-4-19 that was 24 inches tall and 53 pounds, unassisted. 

Betsy is bred to Zoro and due 4-29-19. Finally calved 15 days late a heifer calf, Fire on 5-14-19, unassisted, 24 inches tall and 69 pounds. 

Angelina is bred to Oliver and due 5-14-19. Calved a bull calf on 5-9-19 that was 25 inches tall and 61 pounds. 

LLBT222 Best Yet (FF6212) is bred to Shoman and due 8-31-19. Calved a heifer calf, Hope on 8-18-19 that was 21.5 inches tall and 36 pounds, unassisted. 

VSR Eve Elena (43802173) is bred to Zoro and due 8-31-19. Calved a Registered Bull calf on 8-28-19, with light assistance (probably not needed, but you know us humans). He was 22.5 inches tall and 44.8 pounds. 

OMA Black Velvet (MF37017) is bred Shoman and due loosely around 10-19-19. Well I was off on that date. She calved unassisted on 10-1-2019, a bull calf, that was 23 inches tall and 43.4 pounds. 

SLC Annie Oakley 703 (43923751) has been AI’d to "Shorty" P&D RANCH FILLMORE YC2 (43230236) and due 11-22-19. She calved on 11-24-19, a heifer calf that was 23 inches tall and 47 pounds. 

2018 Calving Data

Lilly is bred to Gentry and due sometime in Febuary 2018. Calved unassisted 1-21-18 a bull calf, Norman, that was 60 lbs and 24 inches tall. 

Libby is bred to Gentry and due 2-10-18. Calved with assistance (calf was backwards) 2-15-18 a heifer calf,  Maybelline that was 46 pounds and 23 inches tall. 

Larooqua will be our recip cow for a registered Hereford embryo, ET date was be 5-14-17, and she is due 2-13-18. Calved unassisted on 2-12-18 a registered mini Hereford bull calf QM Mac-Daddy ET (embyo :  SHF Thunders Dolly 43425252 X PB SHF Liberators Wendell ET 43622473). He was 67.6 pounds and 23.5 inches tall at birth. 

Lotus is bred to Gentry and due 2-24-18. Calved unassisted 17 or 18 days late on 3-14-18 a Hereford looking bull calf with a roaned rear, Sundance Kid was 75 lbs and 27 inches tall. 

Annabel is bred to Oliver and due between 3-31-18 to 4-14-18 probably by 4-4-18. Calved with light assistance (trying not to be too late for Easter with family) 4-1-18 a black baldy bull calf, Karl, that was 60 lbs and 25 inches tall. 

Angelina is bred to Oliver and due between 5-20-18 to 7-2-18 most likely around 5-22 or 5-29. Calved unassisted a bull calf, Blazer, that was 63 lbs and 23 or 24 inches tall. 

Betsy is bred to Oliver and due 6-26-18. Out of Oliver, calved unassisted an all black heifer calf, Willow on 6-24-18, that was 22 inches and 50 pounds. 

Josie is bred to Oliver and due 7-6-18. Calved unassisted a belted bull calf, Friendly on 6-27-18 that was 24 inches tall and 56 pounds. 

Boo is bred to Oliver and due 9-8-18. Calved unassisted, a bull calf, Ferdinand on 9-10-18 that was 24 inches tall and 58 lbs. 

Karina is bred to Zoro and due 9-7-18. Calved unassisted a week late on 9-14-18 a Registered ring eyed black baldy bull calf, Commander that was 23 inches tall and 61 pounds.  

Isabel is bred to Zoro and due 11-11-18. Calved unassisted, a bull calf Sterling on 11-10-18, that was 24 inches tall and 66 pounds at 3 days old. 

BMH Lil Red Rosie (43202268) is bred to RFD Strike Zone ( 43515713) and due 11-17-18. Calved unassisted, 13 days late on 11-30 -18, a bull calf OMA Karl that was 25 inches tall and 63 pounds. 

2017 Calving Data

Lilly is bred to Gentry and due 2-2 to 3-7-17, calved on 2-5-17 (Super Bowl Sunday) a mini Hereford bull calf, Beau Henry. He was 23 inches tall and 55 pounds. Born with assistance as 1 hoof was turned back.  

Annabel is bred to Gentry and due 2-2 to 3-7-17, calved unassisted on 2-7-17 a bull calf, Shrek. He was 24 inches tall and 65 pounds.  

Larooqua is bred to be Gentry and due 2-3-17.  Finally calved 2-12-17 unassisted a bull calf, Burke. He looks like Larooqua only he has more white on his legs and face. Since he was 9 days overdue and she was fed too much he was 27 inches and 79 pounds. 

Libby is bred to Gentry and due 2-23-17 (I must have been off on my dates, cause the calf was not overweight). Calved 3-9-17 unassisted, a little heifer calf, Fiona, that was 23 inches and 48 pounds. 

Angelina was bred to Calvin, and due 7-19-17. Calved unassisted on 7-19-17 a heifer, Jasmine 23 inches and 45 pounds. 

Betsy is bred to Gentry and due 7-26-17. Calved Ellie-Mae unassisted on 7-29-17 a heifer 24 inches tall and 61 pounds.  

Josie is bred to Calvin or Oliver and due 8-21-17. Calved 12 days early on 8-8-17 a heifer calf, Jezzebell that was 23 inches tall and 48 pounds. Solid black except for 2 white marks on both sides. Will genetic test for sire. 

Isabel is bred to Gentry and due 10-12-17. Calved unassisted 13 days late a heifer calf, Emmy-Lou on 10-25-17, 24 inches 62 pounds. 

Karina is bred to Oliver and due 10-31-17. Calved unassisted 11-3-17 a bull calf, Beetle Juice  that was 24.5 inches tall and 62 pounds. 

Boo is bred to Oliver and due 11-9-17. Calved unassisted 10-31-17 a heifer calf, Elvira that was 23 inches and 51 pounds. 

2016 Calving Data

Karina is bred to Frank and due 2-15-16. Calved 2-10-16 a black heifer calf, Olivia. She was 24 inches tall and 53 lbs. Born unassisted. 

Isabel is bred to Gentry and due between 7-10-16 and 8-29-16. Calved unassisted on 7-23-16 a bull calf, Max 24 inches tall and 56 lbs. 

Lotus Blossom is bred to Frank and due 9-8-16. Calved unassisted but didn't clean up, on 9-10-16 all black bull calf Stew and 26 inches tall and 57 lbs. 

Angelina is bred to Frank and probably due 9-14-16. Calved unassisted on 9-11-16 all black bull calf, Justice and was 25 inches tall and 56 pounds. 

Betsy is bred to Malo and due 9-13-17.  Calved unassisted on 9-12-16 belted heifer calf Lucy and was 25 inches tall and 57 pounds. 

Josie is bred to Frank and due 11-9-16. Calved unassisted on 10-20-16 a solid black bull calf CB. Since it was 19 days early it's 21 inches tall and 38 pounds, but very spunky.  

Boo is bred to Malo and due 10-29 to 11-26-16. Calved with light assistance on 11-17-16 a black with perfect white belt bull calf Casper. He was 26 inches tall and 72 pounds. Most likely he was about 2 weeks late. 

Karina is bred to Oliver and due around January 2017, calved unassisted on 12-30-16 a solid black heifer calf Bonnie-Jo. She was 23 inches tall and 60 pounds. Can be registered. 

2015 Calving Data

Karina is bred to Frank and will be due March 3rd 2015. Calved 2-27-15, black Lowline Angus Bull calf - Sergeant - 24 inches tall and 54 lbs at birth. Born unassisted. 

Isabel is bred to Maestro and due April 11th, 2015. Calved 4-25-15, belted red white face bull calf - Beau Dylan - 24 inches tall and 55 lbs at birth. Born unassisted. 

Angelina is Bred to frank and due 8-31-15. Calved 9-1-15, all black Lowline Angus bull calf, Lieutenant, out of Frank. He was 25 inches tall and 54 pounds. Born unassisted. 

Lotus Blossom is bred to Frank and due sometime in October, she calved 10-3-15, a black bull calf, Mac'Rib. He weighs 58 lbs and is 26 inches tall. Born unassisted. 

Betsy is bred to Frank and due 9-27-15 or 10-18-15. Calved 10-15-15 a bull calf, Tramp. He weighs 58 lbs and is 24 inches tall. Born unassisted.  

Lilly is bred to Frank and due 11-11-15. Calved 11-8-15, a black baldy heifer calf, Lady. She weighs 53 lbs and us 22 inches tall. Calf was pulled due to one leg was folded back, otherwise she would not have had any problems. 

Daisy is bred to Frank and due 11-27-15. Calved 11-29-15 a solid black heifer calf, Daffodil. She was 26 inches tall and 67 lbs. Born unassisted. 

Annabel is bred to Frank and due 12-1-15 Calved 12-3-15 a blank white face bull calf, Bullwinkle. He was 25 inches tall and 60 lbs. Calf had to be pulled due to size.

Libby is bred to Frank and due 12-8-15. Calved 12-10-15 a black white face bull calf, Rocky. He was 50 lbs and 22 inches tall. Born unassisted. 

Larooqua is bred to Frank and due probably 12-22-15. Calved 12-23-15 a black and white skunk looking bull calf (identical to larooqua) Pepe Le Pew. He was 71 lbs and 25 inches tall. Born unassisted.

2013-2014 Calving Data

Angelina bred to Ferdinand due calve October 26th, 2013. Calved 10-22-13 heifer calf Eden. 24 inches and 55 pounds at birth. Had to be pulled.

Karina bred to Ferdinand is due January 20th, 2014. Calved 1-14-14 bull calf Duke. 24 inches and 54 pounds at birth. Born unassisted.

Lotus Blossom bred to Maestro due June 19th, 2014. Calved 6-25-2014 heifer calf, Scarlett. 27 inches and 63 pounds at birth. Born unassisted. 

Lilly is bred to Frank and due July 8th, 2014. Calved 6-26-2014 heifer calf, Dixie Layne. 22 inches and 48 pounds at birth. Gave just a little assistance. 

Annabel is bred to a mini Hereford and due around July to August 10th 2014 (give or take some we bought her bred and don't have an exact due date). Calved 7-30-2014 bull calf - Chuck 22 inches tall and 52 pounds at birth. Had to be pulled due to size. 

Libby is bred to a mini Hereford and calved 9-10-14 bull calf - Gabriel 21 inches tall and 30 pounds.  Unassisted birth. 

Angelina is rebred to Maestro and due September 18th, 2014. Calved 9-15-14 heifer calf - Josie 24.5 inches tall and 56 pounds. Born unassisted. 

Betsy is bred to Maestro and due September 17th, 2014. Calved 9-21-14 bull calf - Wyatt was 25 inches tall and 51 pounds. Born unassisted.

Daisy was in heat 2-2-14 with Frank however Ferdinand and Maestro got in the same pasture but were to busy fighting to be with her, we removed them. Due November 11th, 2014. Calved 11-13-14, black belted bull calf, Two Socks - was 25 inches tall and 66 pounds. Looks like Maestro was the sire, potentially Ferdinand. Born unassisted.